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MuRomania Season 15 Opening 30 April

MuRomania Project Season 15 experience X500 will be opening at 30. April!  Medium experience server for easy levelling and item hunting. There are boss or event spawn every 30minutes! Reset rewards, as well as nice loot from events in-game!

Free gift for players: Equiped character with bound exe items and weapon +EDR

Opening Time:
[UTC +2, 20.00-Bucharest]

Version: Season 15
Experience: 500
Max stats: 32000
Points per level: 10
Spots: All maps


Info about experience table for all lvl and resets

Tap here!!!


Reset system!
Reset is made from 400lvl in-game with command /reset
Reset costs: 5mil zen *reset
After reset, stats are burned, all stat points become 50 and you get 500 free points * reset!
Reset reward: 20 Wcoins that you can claim at every 50 resets from website
Grand reset from 450 resets: Info

Get items!

Hunt for BOSS, invasions, events, and make quests.


Earn or Spend Coins
Xshop: Buy or Gift Buffs, Pets, Seals, Items
Offtrade: Sell your items to other players while being offline
Personal store: Sell your items to other players for Wcoins


Hunt Sheeps, Horses, Monkey and other mini bosses for Ruud
Participate in BC,CC,DS from master level for Ruud Boxes


PVE: All monsters are buffed, players need to have 50+ resets to do 3rd quest and 100+ for 4th class quest! Explore the game and you will more exciting game features!
PVP settings. All Classes are built to last in PVP against any other class for 3-5seconds on maximum stats and top gear! We are focusing on new classes to get chance as well, not only for old classes like DK, DL to dominate in PVP
Due that new class are buffed, and has exciting PVP life as well! (this is on MAX stats 32000 and top gear)


You can get more info on our facebook page !

Posted 04 / 07 / 2020
By Admin