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Make Resets for in game credits !!!

Every 50 resets you will get 1000Wcoins reward that can be claimed from Account Panel.

What you must do to earn them:

- Every time you reach 50 resets you will be rewarded with 1000Wcoins to spend in xshop, website and more modules that will be added soon.

- Max resets are from 0 to 500 or from 0 to 350 when you can make Grand Reset and fully reset your character.

But no problem if you choose Grand Reset couse you will still receive the reward every 50 resets.

Where you must go and what you must do:

1. Select server or close game

2. Login to your account

3. Go to Account Panel

4. Scroll down and click Credits Reset

5. Verify if your can get your prize checking "Redeem"

6. If Redeem button is GREEN click it and your Prize will be added.

7. If not, you will get the message "Not There yet!"

8. The prize is claimable only from 50 to 50 resets.

Thank you !

Posted 06 / 05 / 2020
By Admin