Mu Roomy

The game consists of matching the cards to get the highest possible score and thus be able to win excellent prizes.

This event was only active for a short time in Season 8 Episode 2 and then it was definitely disabled.

Starting the Game

By collecting 24 "Card Piece" a "Card Deck" will be created with which you can start playing the Mu Roomy.

Card Piece Card Deck

The Card Piece drops on any map of the continent mu.

By clicking on the "Game Event" the Mu Roomy can start.



1. After clicking on Start Game.

Card Deck
Start the Mini Game.

2. By left clicking on the Card Decks, the game will randomly give you 5 cards.

3. The 5 cards that will be given to you will be 1 ~ 8 with different color, the objective is to make a combination to win the highest possible score.

NOTE: By making a left click on the cards given you can make the combination

Four. Sequences and Scores
By following these sequences you can earn points.

5. By making certain combinations you will win points which in the end can give you great prizes.

{0} {/0} {1}{2}6.{/2}{/1} At the end of the game, according to the score obtained you can get 1 prize randomly.

250 or less
500,000 Zen
250 ~ 399 or more
Excellent Items
Talisman of Luck
400 or more
Jewel Bundle
Condor Feather
Horn of Fenrir

Every 21 days the inventory of the event is reset, with all its contents.


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