Imperial Guardian Fortress Event (S13 EP2)

The New Fortress of Imperial Guardian Event takes place on the Varka Map.

Structure of the Map :
From Monday to Sunday the Varka Map varies according to the day.


Varka map of the day Monday and Thursday


Varka map for Tuesday and Friday


Varka map of the day Wednesday and Saturday


Varka map of the day Sunday

Ways to Join the Event

To enter you must have at least Level 15. The event takes place at any time according to the requirement of the character and you can enter as many times as you wish in a day.

Entry level to Fortress Imperial Guardian

Fortress Imperial Guardian Level
Character Level
15 ~ 179
180 ~ 269
270 ~ 349
350 ~ 399
400 ~ 500
{0} {/0} {1}{2}6.{/2}{/1}
501 ~ 650
651 ~ X

NOTE: You can only enter this event in party as a minimum of 2 characters and as a maximum of 5 characters to enter will be transported to the level of the party character with higher level (including Master Level).

Event Map Square

(1) Description

- The "Event Map Square" is the region where you can enter the main Mu Online events.

- The Fortress Imperial Guardian is an event that you can request entry into the " Event Map Square ".

- You can request the entrance to the event only in the " Event Map Square ".

- The NPC of entry to the events described have been moved to the " Event Map Square "

(2) Steps to follow

- How to move to the " Event Map Square "

Move with "M" Command Panel

1. Press the "M" key and click on the "Event Square" to enter.

2. Your Zen will be reduced 20,000 after entering the " Event Map Square ".


Item required for the Entry from Monday to Saturday

First name
Order of Gaion
Serves to enter the Fortress of Imperial Guardian event from Monday to Saturday

Form to Create

In order to create an Order of Gaion,
Suspicious Scrap of Paper needs to be created.

First name
Suspicious Scrap of Paper
Drop in Mounsters from Level 32 in Adelante.
By collecting 5
Suspicious Scrap of Paper you will automatically create the Order of Gaion

Item Needed for the Entrance on Sunday

First name
Complete Secromicon
Serves to enter the Fortress of Imperial Guardian event on Sunday

Form to Create

In order to create a Complete Secromicon, 6 Fragment Secromicon must be dropped when the Boss is killed from the events from Monday to Saturday.

First name
Secromicon Fragment
The creation is done in the Chaos Machine by inserting the 6 Fragment Secromicon + 1 Jewel of Chaos the Percentage of Success is 100%.


To enter the event you must present the ticket to the NPC
Jerint the assistant located in Event Square (234, 29) and automatically configure the difficulty according to your Level

Jerint The Assistant
Event Admission Message Fortress of Imperial Guardian

Event Mounsters:

They leave randomly in any Zone.

Master Assassin
Cavalry Captain
 Knight Comander
Grand Wizard




Shield Bearer
Combat Instructor

Boss of the Event:

Depending on the day the Boss can change.

Boss of the Day Monday
Boss of the Day Tuesday
Boss of the Day Wednesday


Boss of the Day Thursday
Boss of the Day Friday
Boss of the Saturday Day


Gaion Kharein
First Boss of the Day Sunday
Last Boss of the Day Sunday

Inside the Event

The Events from Monday to Saturday consist of 3 stages every 1 of which you have to kill 7 Monsters in each stage before the end of the time that is 10 minutes for each stage.

The Sunday Day Event consists of 4 stages every 1 of which you have to kill 7 Monsters in each stage before the end of the time that is 10 minutes for each stage.


He gets it by killing all the monsters and having survived the event.

Have died during the Event.

Basic Reward
Experience includes Master Level Experience, Drop of Excellent Items and Item Ancient in the Boss.

Ruud reward

(1) Information

- In addition to the existing rewards in the aforementioned events, an additional "Mastery Box" reward is added.

* Only the Master Level of the events can get the compensation.

- The "Mastery Box" contains The new currency, Items Ruud and other items.

- The "Mastery Box" is used by right clicking on it in the general inventory.

- There are 3 types of "Mastery Box"

Item Name
Size of the item
Mastery Box (Low)
Mastery Box (I ntermediate )
Mastery Box (Advanced)

- If you do not reach the objective of the event, you will not be able to obtain the "Mastery Box".

(2) How to Get the "Mastery Box"

- According to the points of contribution obtained in the events you can obtain a "Mastery Box"

* According to the level of contribution you will get one of the 3 "Mastery Box".

* Elf Energy (With more than 1500 energy) you will get contribution points according to the points of your party members.

- The reward will be paid at the end in the System "Gremory Case".

- The contribution points are different according to the type of event played.

Level Obtaining Contribution
Obtaining Contribution


Imperial Guardian Fortress



Master Level


1. Contribution Review in Party and Individual.
2. Obtaining Contribution in Party: Killing Monsters
Obtaining Individual Contribution: Killing Boss



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