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1. What is the Bomb Buster Game?

- It is a game that aims to find the 11 bombs in the boxes of the mini-game without making them explode.

- According to the number of bombs found, a score and subsequent compensation will be given.

2.Objective of the game

- The objective is to obtain the highest score by finding all the bombs without exploding them.

3. How to play

1) Card Piece

- Through the hunt you can pick up the Card Piece.

- Card Pieces can be collected automatically through Mu Helper by checking the box "Event Items".

- The Card Piece can be found in the inventory of the event ..
When you pick up 24 Card Piece a Card Deck will be created and you can start the game.

Card Piece
Card Deck

2) Click on the banner

- Click on the Banner Bombs to open the game.
- If you have a Card Deck you can start the game by clicking on the "Start Game" button.

3) Start game

- Click on the boxes of the game you can find numbers and bombs.
- In the first Click it has been configured not to step on a pump.

- 8 bombs have been hidden in the available open space.

- If the number 3 appears, around 8 squares means that there are 3 bombs.

- Where supposedly there is a bomb can put a "Card Bomb" doing "Right Click".

- To cancel when putting a "Card Bomb" you can do "Right Click" again.

Four.The game ends

- The game ends when you step on a bomb.

- Using the "Card Bomb", the game ends when there is no space available.


Numbers Found
Number * 10 Points
"Card Bomb" Found
Number * 50 Points
"Card Bomb" Failed
Wrong Numbers * (-20) Points
Foot pumps
- 50 Points
Finished Event
500 Points

- When the Final Result is negative it is 0 Points.

- When finding several types of numbers when opening the boxes they will be added to the final calculation.

- When you insert a "Card Bomb" in the wrong place and step on the pump you will reduce points in the final calculation.

- When you find a bomb there will be a compensation. of points in the final calculation.


- After confirming the final result and clicking on Receive Reward you can receive the prize.

- After receiving the reward the score will return to 0.

- You will receive a Box according to the final score obtained.

- The reward will be sent to the Case Guild (K).

- Compensation will be sent to the character.

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