Evomon Evolves (Season 12)

Evomon Evolves is an updated event from the Season X Episode 2 with which you can invoke monsters which can give you a special reward.

Get Evomon Summoning Scroll

(1) Collect Piece Summoning Scroll through the hunt.

- Piece Summoning Scroll are stored in the Event Inventory.

(2) Collect 25 Piece Summoning Scroll, and they will automatically become an Evomon Summoning Scroll.

Piece of Summoning Scroll Evomon Summoning Scroll

Event Inventory

(1) You will find the event banner in the upper left part of your game screen.

(2) Clicking Event banner will open Event Inventory

- Piece Summoning Scroll and Evomon Summoning Scroll will be stored inside.

How to invoke Evomon

(1) Drag and drop to the ground the Evomon Summoning Scroll of the Inventory Event.

(2) Evomon (Lv.1) will be summoned through the Summoning Scroll.
- The character that dropped Evomon Summoning Scroll will become the owner of the Evomon.

(3) The Evomon Summoning Scroll can not be dropped in the following circumstances.

- When another Evomon of my character or party is already summoned.
- Within the following areas: All safe areas, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square,
    Illusion Temple, Varka, Doppleganger, Icarus, Kalima, etc.

How to hunt Evomon

(1) You must kill the Evomon summoned within a limited time.
- The Evomon will disappear along with the reward if you do not meet the deadline.

(2) When the Evomon kills, it can evolve or fail to agree to his luck.
- There is a low probability that a special Evomon will appear during evolution.
- The image confirms Success or Failure in evolution.


Successful Evolution Failed Evolution



(1) If Evomon's evolution is successful, Evomon's top level will appear.

- The Evomon Level will increase by 1.

(2) If the evolution of your Evomon reaches more than Level 30.

- The level of your next evomon invoked will increase by 4, until you reach level 69.


Failure in Evolution

(1) If the evolution of your Evomon fails, the Evomon will disappear.

(2) You will receive the corresponding reward from Evomon before the evolution has failed.

(3) The next summoned Evomon will be reset and Evomon will appear (Lv.1).

Evomon Special

(1) Special Evomon may appear during evolution but has a low probability.

(2) You will receive a better reward if you succeed in killing the Special Evomon.



Evomon Rewards

Evomon Kind Acquisition Receiver
Evomon Having evolved The owner of Evomon
Evomon Special Success in the evolution of the Evomon Special The owner or members of the party Evomon Special

* If you are within a specific distance of the Evomon you can receive the reward.
 * If the owner of the Special Evomon is not within a specific distance, no party will be able to receive the rewards.

(1) Reward of the Evomon is automatically placed inside the Gremory Case.
- Open the Gremory Case by pressing 'K' or by clicking on the menu.

(2) In the Evomon you can get any of these 6 Box types as a reward.

Image First name Item Drop
Minor Evomon Box Jewels, Normal Items, 10,000 Zen
Standard Evomon Box Excellent Items, Excellent Accessories, 50,000 Zen
Greater Evomon Box Jewel, Items Excellent
Luxurious Evomon Box Random items
Magnificent Evomon Box Items, ruuds
Legendary Evomon Box Set Items (ancients)

Evomon Ranking

(1) In the ranking you will see the maximum level of your Evomon evolved, and the total damage to Evomon.

- The maximum level of your Evomon will be shown on the scoreboard within the game that is in the upper left corner.
- The maximum level of your Evomon will be displayed as "Evomon Score", along with the total damage to Evomon in the Web Ranking.

(2) The Rewards of the Evomon ranking will be distributed according to the classification.

- Players will be ranked first according to Evomon Score (maximum level of Evomon) and then to total damage to Evomon.

* Players with the same Evomon score and total damage to Evomon will have the same rank.

Ranking Reward
1. Archangel Weapon
4 ~ 10 Mastery Reward Chest (500 Ruud)
11 ~ 20 Tibetton (Evolved)
21 ~ 50 Tibetton (Lv.1)
51 ~ 100 Mastery Box (Greater)
101 ~ 300 Mastery Box (Standard)
301 ~ 1000 Mastery Box (Minor)


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