Evomon Evolves

 1. Evomon Evolves Introduction.

1) Evomon Evolves what is it?

- It is an invasion of monsters, which when killed can evolve at a higher level, in each level you can receive a compensation depending on the level of Evomon Evolves.

2) Participation of the Event

-Anyone can participate in the "Evomon Evolves" event.

-The reward won in the "Evomon Evolves" event can be verified by clicking on the icon on the top left "Game Event".

"Game Event" icon -Apparition Schedule: Every Day from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (2 Hours)
-The appearance of the monsters is only possible during the event, the appearance of the monster is not possible after the time of the event.
- However, monster hunting is available in remaining time.

Place of Appearance: Devias, Dungeon, Debenter, Kalutan1, Tarkan

3) Ongoing Event

- "Evomon Evolves" Level 1 Hunting -> Successful evolution Level 2 "Evomon Evolves" -> "Evomon Evolves" Level 2 Hunting -> Receive reward in the Event Menu -> Evolution "Evomon Evolves" Level 3 Hunting -> well successively

- The probability of success of the evolution is determined by the level of the monster.
- From "Evomon Evolves" Level 2 onwards it is possible to receive compensation.
(In "Evomon Evolves" Level 1 it is not possible to receive compensation).
- You can not evolve from level if you are developing another "Evomon Evolves" hunt.

2. Evomon Evolves Configuration

1. Evomon Evolves Property

- The first attack from level 1 to Evomon Evolves makes it your property and it will be until you reach the end or fail (thus avoiding the KS).
- In each successful evolution the name of your character will be shown in the "Evomon Evolves" of your property.
- The "Evomon Evolves" can not change ownership.
- The image confirms Success or Failure in evolution.

Successful Evolution Failed Evolution

- 10 seconds after the rewards window you can see if the evolution is successful.
- The lack of this type of images can be said that evolution has been successful.

2. Evomon Evolves Evolution

1) General Configuration

- The owners must be within the range of play for the "Evomon Evolves" to be successful in its evolution.
- If you do not have the property of the "Evomon Evolves" to kill it the conditions of evolution will fail.
- While the level of "Evomon Evolves" increases the probability of success of the evolution will be reduced.
- If on another map there is another "Evomon Evolves" of your property the "Evomon Evolves" that you are killing on another map will not be able to evolve.

* The property of the "Evomon Evolves" is maintained even if you disconnect.

2) Party Configuration

- If Before the First Attack the Party is formed Evolution is possible, if the Party is formed after evolution, it will fail.
- It is only possible to evolve one "Evomon Evolves" for each map.

(1) Achieve a party with members A, B and C.
(2) In Tarkan The "A" Character is evolving the "Evomon Evolves" (Level 1 does not Evolve)
(1) In Tarkan the Character "B" is holding Level 1 of the "Evomon Evolves".

Case 1
The character "A" ends the hunt and Evoluves the "Evomon Evolves" (Receiving the reward) the user "B" fails to develop the "Evomon Evolves".

Case 2
The character "A" ends the hunt and Evolution the "Evomon Evolves" (has been awarded and the state of the compensation disappears):
Character "A" fails in evolution: Character "B" has a probability of success in evolution.
Character "A" succeeds in evolution: Character "B" will have failure in evolution.

(2) In Elveland the Character "C" hunts an "Evomon Evolves" level 1 which is possible its evolution.

3) Evomon Evolves Compensation

- In the hunting of the "Evomon Evolves" the owners can only be compensated if they are within the range of the game.

- In the hunting of the "Evomon Evolves" the owners in party and all the members can be rewarded.

* To receive the compensation, party members must be within the range of the game.
* If you are already compensated on another map, you are not entitled to compensation.
* Immediately after receiving compensation, even if you move from the map it is not possible to receive a new compensation.

- In the Chase of "Evomon Evolves" if the owners die or are disconnected, they can not be compensated.
- The compensation boxes depend a lot on the Level of the "Evomon Evolves".
- Types of Compensation Boxes.

[General Box], [Box Excellent], [Box 380], [Elemental Box], [Box Set Item], [Box Socket]

- You have 10 seconds to choose a card, then you will receive the compensation box.
- After choosing the card, the compensation box will be sent to the Event Inventory.
- The compensation can not be delivered if the window is closed.
- If there is no space in the inventory of the Event, it can not be rewarded.
- After the event is finished, the inventory is restarted.

4) Evomon Evolves Limited Time

- Evomon Evolves has a limited time of appearance.

- At the end of time, it is not possible to receive compensation.

3. Evomon Evolves Types

Evomon Evolves Level 1 - With the appearance of "Evomon Evolves" Level 1 can participate in the event.
- When Killing Level 1 of the "Evomon Evolves" no compensation was received.
- When applying the first attack, you will be the owner of the "Evomon Evolves".
- If you are not an owner, the evolution of "Evomon Evolves" is not possible.
Evolved Evolves Evolved - The higher Level of the "Evomon Evolves" the better the compensation will be.
- By increasing the Level of the "Evomon Evolves" their damage and defense increases, making hunting more difficult.
Evomon Evolves Special - It may appear but its probability of occurrence is very low.
- If the Evomon Evolves Special hunt is successful, you can earn a good compensation.

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