Boss God of Darkness - Season 13

A recent update has brought a new battle to MU, I'm talking about the new GOD OF DARKNESS event . I am not wrong when I tell you that it is one of the most powerful malign pieces that exist so far.

Battle description

After entering the boss zone, you can find their mobs, Monster of The Swamp and Monster of the Water . Both are very strong. Monster of The Swamp is complicated, it can summon (summon) many helpers while it is alive. The Monster of the Water uses numerous unique abilities, and also has the ability to heal itself in the recovery zone located within the battle area.

Once Monster of the Water dies, his teacher, GOD OF DARKNESS , appears. Each MU warrior who decides to kill the God of Darkness (GOD OF DARKNESS), must remember one thing: avoid is the attack of the "Black Smoke" ("Black Smoke" atack), which can kill you immediately!

Let the blood roll

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