Battle Soccer Event

Battle Soccer is a PK event that consists of the team that arrives first at 100 points will be the winner.
The Battle Soccer event takes place at the Arena Map Stadium.




Requirements to Participate

1. Be a Guild Master or be a member of the Guild within the Guild Master party.
2. Have Level 50 as a minimum.
3. Only Guild Masters can order Battle Soccer.


Command for Battle Soccer
To send a Battle Soccer request, send it as follows.

English: / battlesoccer "Name of the Guild"
Spanish: / fútboldefútbol "Name of the Guild"


Battle Soccer application



NOTE: By submitting the application all guild members who are in the Guild Master party will be transported to Stadium

How to win
-The first to reach 100 points.
-If the Guild Master is automatically disconnected, the opponent will win.

Method of Punctuation

1 point When killing a rival team member.
2 points By Killing the Guild Master of the rival team.
20 Points By taking the Balon to the Arch of the rival team.





Team Red Score
Team Scoring Blue



-You can not enter PK status.
-During death reborn randomly inside the Stadium.
-The Summon of the Dark Lord can not be used in Battle Soccer.
-If a Guild member leaves Battle Soccer, he can not enter until he finishes.

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