Protector of Acheron Event

1. Event summary Protector of Acheron

- Daily at 12:00 GST the cursed obelisk will be generated in any of the 3 areas of Acheron (Alkmaar, Ubaid, Debenter).
- The day where the Arka War event takes place, this event will not come.

2. Start of the Protector of Acheron Event

- An ad in the game will report the appearance of the obelisk within Acheron.
- The entry to the Protector of Acheron event will be through the NPC "Sir Lesnar".
to enter click on the menu option "Position as guardians Acheron"

Sir Lesnar
114, 132
183, 126
240, 53

3. Protector of Acheron in Course

- The obelisk generate a lot of BOSS to hunt.
- If within 30 minutes of the event the obelisk is not destroyed it will have failed in the event.
- The element of the obelisk that will be generated will create BOSS of the same element.
- With the passage of time the obelisk will call a greater amount of BOSS.

Four. Term of the Protector of Acheron Event

- Within 30 minutes of the event will not destroy the obelisk, it will disappear.
- After the end of the event you will be given 1 minute to move if you are not forced to move to Noria.
- By destroying the obelisk you can get the current and new pentagram.

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